Crime Tracker: Battling Burglaries

Two people face serious charges after being arrested in connection with at least four residential burglaries in Cabot. And that's not all...

One other person is being sought and criminal charges have been filed against four juveniles.

The crimes all took place last month occurred in Lonoke County just outside city limits. All of them -- in the same community.

According to deputies, four juveniles between the ages of 17 and 12 were identified as committing the burglaries. After following leads, investigators tracked down 18-year old Stephen John Shackleford. He was arrested and charged with residential burglary and theft of property.

Also arrested, 42-year-old Stephen Dwayne Shackleford. He faces charges of breaking and entering and compounding -- both felonies.

But investigators are still trying to track down Rosemary Shackleford, 42.

Investigators recovered a number of stolen items including coin collections, jewelry, and firearms in connection with this case.

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