5 ways to save money on fitness

A lot of people are discouraged from exercising because they think it will cost them an arm and a leg, and who can blame them? The average cost of a gym membership is $58/month. If you want to get fit and not break the bank, check out these tips for saving money on fitness.

1. Check your health benefits

Many companies offer a health & wellness benefits package, which is a great way to save money. Check with your human resources rep to see if your company has discounted gym memberships or even an incentive program for employees who log a certain number of steps per day.

2. Try a free pass

If you're interested in joining a gym, most clubs will offer a free week trial period. This is a great way to figure out if you want to invest the money there, and if not, you get a free week of workouts!

3. Bare bones facility

Many gym memberships have over-the-top gym membership fees because their facilities are packed with amenities and fancy equipment. If you want to save money, avoid gyms that offer spa amenities or fancy boutique clubs.

4. Discounted classes

Even if you don't want to spend money monthly at a fancy fitness studio, many will offer free or discounted classes. You can sign up for email newsletters at individual studios to learn more about when they have these offers.

5. Share a trainer with a friend

If you want to try personal training, but are afraid of the cost, sign up with a friend! You can save money by signing up for group sessions and will have a buddy by your side for extra encouragement.

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