5 ways to save money this summer

1. Keep your blinds and curtains closed

Any room that is facing west will heat up in the afternoon as the sun starts to set. Avoid this by keeping your blinds and curtains closed in these rooms to block those powerful sun rays from warming up rooms. This will save you money by reducing your air conditioner's workload.

2. Go for gas instead of electricity

If you're thinking about buying new appliances this summer, opt for a gas stove. Propane and natural gas are cheaper than the electricity used in an electric stove.

3. Turn off the AC and use fans

If you don't find the heat unbearable, consider turning off the air conditioner and using fans instead. Fans use less power to circulate air in the house. This switch can reduce your cooling costs by much as 90% per day.

4. Wash with cold water

When doing laundry, start using the cold cycle, instead of warm or hot water. This simple change can save you around $60 per year.

5. Use a clothesline

Take advantage of the nice weather this summer and let your clothes air dry in the summer breeze. Letting your clothes air dry naturally outside can save you 35 to 70 cents per load.

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