Home staging tips

Your house is on the market and you've completed major renovations, but is it ready for potential buyers to tour? Check out these home staging tricks from the experts!

Increase curb appeal. Potential buyers will form first impressions as soon as they pull up to your house, so make sure it looks well maintained and warm. Experts recommend using stylish house numbers, updated porch lighting, and a pop of color on the front door to entice buyers. You can increase curb appeal in even easier ways by planting flowers and having a welcome mat on your porch. Embrace the space. One of home buyers' most important concerns is square footage, so be sure to play up every inch of it! Make your house feel spacious by hanging mirrors to refelcts windows and room openings. Experts also recommend using oversized rugs and putting large pieces of artwork on the walls. Avoid the use of decorative knicknacks and keep the decor light and simple to let the space breathe. Create a lifestyle. It's important for potential home buyers to envision themselves living in the space, so remember to sell a lifestyle. Dress up outdoor areas and setup an outdoor dining scene, for example.

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