Candidate Curtis Coleman Responds to Hutchinson's Tax Plan

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Arkansas businessman and Republican gubernatorial candidate Curtis Coleman released the following statement today in response to former Under Secretary of Homeland Security Asa Hutchinson's tax cut proposal:

"While I absolutely support a bold reduction in Arkansas' income tax for middle-class wage earners, Secretary Hutchinson's proposal does not go far enough. In my view, it reveals an unfortunate lack of understanding of what it will take to make us truly competitive with surrounding states for jobs and business. Cutting personal state income taxes will help - and most importantly provide much needed relief to most hard-working Arkansans - but in order to create a pro-jobs, business-friendly economic environment right here in Arkansas, it is crucial that we also reduce our corporate tax rates and eliminate our capital gains tax.

"Furthermore, Hutchinson's proposal does nothing to address the real business killer in Arkansas: extreme overregulation. Whether it is small businessmen, entrepreneurs, hospital administrators, or school administrators and teachers, they are all telling me the same thing about state government: 'Get off my back and get out of my way!'"

The statement came after Hutchinson announced his tax proposal Tuesday morning.

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