Fellow Congressmen Respond to Griffin's Retirement

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Lawmakers are reacting to Rep. Tim Griffin's announcement that he will retire after the completion of his second term in office.

Griffin made the announcement Monday morning, saying he would like to spend more time with his family.

Now several of Griffin's fellow congressmen are reacting to the news.

“Tim Griffin is a trusted and valued member of the House, a principled conservative, and a dedicated servant to the people of Arkansas. I will certainly miss having him as a part of the Arkansas delegation," Rep. Steve Womack from Arkansas' third district said in a news release. "At the same time, I know the impact this job can have on a family, understand the desire to be closer to one's young children, and respect his decision. I will continue to support my friend and colleague as he sets out on a new journey.”

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman (NRCC) Greg Walden, of Oregon, issued the following statement:
“Tim Griffin has been a superb and dedicated member of Congress who has represented the people of Arkansas with a passion and commitment to improving their lives and making this country stronger. In particular, Tim has been a leader in fighting to protect his constituents from the negative impacts of ObamaCare, sponsoring legislation to ensure that small businesses are not burdened with the onerous mandates of this flawed law.
“Tim is also the ultimate team player. As Vice Chairman for Communications and Strategy this cycle at the NRCC, Tim has helped strengthen our majority and improve our party’s message. While we will all miss him tremendously, I wish Tim and his family the very best and look forward to electing a Republican from Arkansas’ 2nd District to fill his shoes and carry on his work.”

Rep. Tom Cotton offered his sentiments, recalling the first time he met Griffin.

“Tim is-and will remain-a strong leader for Arkansas and our country.  Tim and I first met at Fort Campbell as we both prepared to deploy to Iraq.  Since that day, he has been a friend and advisor," Cotton said in a news release. "I join with our fellow Arkansans in wishing Tim and Elizabeth the very best and expressing our heartfelt gratitude for their service and sacrifice.”

U.S. Senator John Boozman issued the following statement Monday morning:

“Tim is a dependable steward of Arkansas values as a representative in Washington. His hard work, determination and resolve help improve the lives of Arkansans. Tim is never afraid to stand up to those who stand in the way of progress in the state. We are thankful for his commitment to public service and understand the sacrifices that families in this position have to make. I know how important it is to be with family and I am confident Tim is making the best decision for his constituents and his wife Elizabeth and their young children.”

It hasn't been all praise though, as the Democratic Party of Arkansas chair Vincent Insalaco released the following statement in response to Griffin’s decision not to seek re-election:
“You can’t shut down the government for 16 days and hurt the pocketbooks of Arkansas families without taking responsibility for your actions and that is exactly what a small group of reckless House members have done including Tim Griffin, Rick Crawford, and Tom Cotton. It is no surprise that Tim Griffin saw the writing on the wall and figured out that Arkansans were going to hold him accountable for the dysfunction in Washington. Arkansans in his district were the ones getting the short end of the stick- from those suffering from the Mayflower oil spill to military personnel who were laid off in Jacksonville. People are tired and fed up with politics as usual, and politicians like Tim Griffin have been obstructing solutions and are part of the problem with Washington.”

Griffin has represented the Natural State's second congressional district since being elected in 2010.

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