Pryor Campaign Fundraising Falls Behind Cotton in 2nd Quarter

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Rep. Tom Cotton's senatorial campaign got a boost over opponent Sen. Mark Pryor in the second quarter.

The Cotton campaign announced today that it outraised Pryor by over $700,000 in the 3-month period to being in $2.28M.

Pryor's campaign announced it raised $1.5M in the quarter, giving it $8.95M to date.

See more in the news releases from both candidates posted below:

U.S. Senate candidate Tom Cotton announced this morning that he brought in $2,282,567 during the 2nd quarter, besting two-term U.S. Senator Mark Pryor by over $700,000 during the three-month period from April 1st through June 30th.

"Our continued fundraising strength will allow us to highlight Senator Pryor's lockstep support for President Obama's agenda, including his votes for Obamacare, bailouts, and other job-killing policies," said Cotton spokesman David Ray. 

Tom Cotton has now outraised Senator Mark Pryor in four straight fundraising quarters - an almost unprecedented feat for a challenger running against a two-term incumbent. Sensing that their fundraising performance would be lackluster, the Pryor campaign released their fundraising numbers on Friday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. CDT. 

The Cotton campaign continues to have great success with small dollar individual donors. The campaign now has more than 21,462 individual donors, having added 8,949 new donors in just the last three months, and has raised more than $833,000 in individual contributions of $200 or less.  As of the last reporting period, Tom Cotton had received twice the amount of small dollar contributions as Senator Pryor, as measured by percentage of overall funds raised.  No doubt the grassroots gap has continued to expand this quarter - an indication that Tom Cotton is gaining the grassroots support he needs to best Pryor on Election Day.

Today, the Pryor for Senate campaign announced it raised $1.5 million in the second quarter of 2014. Pryor’s nearly $9 million haul for the cycle has given him every resource to highlight Cotton’s reckless and irresponsible record that hurts Arkansas seniors, students, women and working families.

Despite more than $15 million spent by outside groups falsely attacking Mark Pryor, he remains well positioned to win in November. Cotton’s weakness as a candidate has recently emerged as a major narrative in our race, and national observers are beginning to take notice of what Arkansans have known for some time: Cotton is having real trouble connecting with voters.

After taking a luxury trip to California to attend a secret summit hosted by the Koch Brothers, it comes as no surprise that the only thing keeping Congressman Cotton afloat is the $15 million in out-of-state special interest spending on Cotton’s behalf. Tom Cotton owes his political ambitions to these billionaires, and he has consistently voted with them instead of looking out for Arkansas.

“The grassroots support Mark is seeing all across our state is thanks to his record as a steady and reliable voice for Arkansans, and it’s clearer than ever that folks here have serious concerns about Congressman Cotton’s reckless and irresponsible votes against Arkansas seniors, students, women and families,” said Erik Dorey, Pryor for Senate spokesman. “As we head toward the home stretch with the wind at our back, this campaign continues to be about which candidate voters can trust to put Arkansas first. The choice is clear: Mark has consistently delivered for Arkansas families while Congressman Cotton has cozied up to the out-of-state billionaires that frankly look down on Arkansans.”

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