State Leaders React To Darr's Resignation Announcement

GILLETT, AR -- A popular social event and fundraiser in Arkansas County attracts the political movers and shakers every year.

It's called the "Gillett Coon Supper."

This year, the supper came just a day after Lt. Governor Mark Darr announced he's resigning.

People we talked to at the supper called the resignation a sad situation, but they also said Darr made the best decision for the people of Arkansas.

Last month, the State Ethics Commission fined Darr $11,000 for mistakes in campaign reporting, errors in travel reimbursements and using a state credit card to buy personal items.

Darr called those discrepancies an honest mistake.

But Friday, he announced he would resign his office as lieutenant governor.

We asked Governor Mike Beebe what happens now, as Darr prepares to leave his position next month.

Governor Beebe said, "I'm not all fired up about having an election, but I don't know we got any choice, so we'll follow the law, but we're talking to the legislator about some options and we'll look and see."

Darr says his resignation will be effective February 1st.

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