FDA Finalizes New Regulations For Baby Formula

The Food and Drug Administration finalizes guidelines to make sure infant formula is safe.

The Food and Drug Administration finalizes guidelines making sure infant formula is safe.

This rule requires companies to test for salmonella and cronobacter, two bacteria that can cause severe illness in babies.

It requires manufacturers to prove their formula supports normal physical growth and that the products be tested for nutrient content before they are sent to stores.

The agency says if an infant formula poses a risk to infants' health the manufacturer must conduct a recall.

In other health news, potentially cancerous chemicals used in some hair dye and perm solutions may put the health of hairdressers at risk.

Researchers collected blood from female hairdressers and regular hair dye users to measure levels of eight chemicals including toludines, which are banned in European cosmetics.

Toludine levels were higher in hairdressers if they applied more weekly hair color treatments or perms to clients.

Experts say ingredients of hair dyes and perming solution should be analyzed to be sure they are safe and advise hairdressers to wear gloves when using these products.

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