March Against Monsanto At State Capitol

A group of people gathered on the steps of the State Capitol over the weekend to protest against the Monsanto company, the leading maker of genetically engineered seeds and pesticides.

A group is fighting for food in the Natural State.

Organized events just like one recently at the state capitol has happened all across the world.

It's called "March Against Monsanto."

The Monsanto company is the leading maker of genetically engineered seeds and pesticides.

Protestors say the created produce is dangerous and can potentially be deadly in some cases.

"What we put in our bodies is how are body composes itself nutritionally and if we're putting things into our bodies that are genetically modified that we haven't tested in every aspect then it's completely harmful to even think about mass producing it, which has already happened," said protestor Jack Bruno.

According to the Monsanto website the company helps farmers bring more appealing produce to the table.

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