Ross: We May Be Outspent in this Race But We're Not Going to be Outworked

Mike Ross is now the democratic nominee for governor. He defeated Lynette Bryant. He spoke Wednesday morning about his win and a recently released political ad against opponent Asa Hutchinson.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Democratic gubernatorial nominee Mike Ross told David Goins on Fox 16 Good Day his general election campaign started Tuesday evening at 7:31 p.m. 

He and his team are already off and running. 

Ross says he will be visiting the cities of Little Rock, Jonesboro, Paragould and Rogers today. 

Ross easily defeated Dr. Lynette Bryant in the Democratic primary.

During a morning interview with political reporter David Goins, Ross spoke on his recently released political ad against his opponent Asa Hutchinson. 

"It's a comparative ad, I think that it's important people understand there's huge differences between Hutchinson and me," Ross said. 

To see what Ross plans moving forward in his campaign, click on the video above.
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