Lazy Cakes recalled by Dept of Health

- LITTLE ROCK, AR - The Arkansas Department of Health is recalling all "Lazy Cakes" because the product contains melatonin which has not been approved for general food use.

Melatonin is a well-known dietary supplement used for the treatment of sleeping disorders. It is not intended or approved for use in food products. Metabolism and potential side effects associated with taking this hormone have not been fully determined.

"We're being told it's being sold to children from convenience stores and retails stores.  We're recommending if you have this product, just throw it away," said Ed Barham, spokesman for the Arkansas Department of Health.

The cakes are individually wrapped with purple packaging featuring Lazy Larry, a cartoonish brownie with a big grin on its face.

Other states have recalled or are expecting to recall this product.

Memphis-based Baked World has been selling Lazy Cakes since 2010 which were distributed to retail stores throughout the state.

Eric Shelley, a pharmacist at The Drug Store, said melatonin could be dangerous, considering that it's sold at various ranges of milligrams.  You never know what strength could affect you.

"That could increase drowsy, sedative effects and impair your judgments, vision -- things like that," said Shelley.

We did seek input from the company that makes the product.  They sent us the following statement by e-mail from CEO Terry Harris:

"We are committed to providing customers with safe, quality products while complying with government regulations and will work with the regulating authorities to ensure we continue to do so," Harris said.

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