New credit card technology to keep you safe

- New technology is in place at an Arkansas restaurant to stop credit card fraud and theft. Trustwave, a leading theft security agency, says more than 80 percent of credit and debit card thefts world-wide involve computers. The equipment is eliminating the use of computers altogether in transactions.

Benton's Rib Crib is a popular spot. Hundreds of cards are swiped here every day.

"Restaurants are one of the few places where we will hand out a card to someone we've never met before and have that card walk away for two to five minutes," says Bill Rogers with International Payments Corporation.

That's thousands of numbers exchanged in a foreign computer system, by a complete stranger.

"The two vulnerabilities in a restaurant by and large are hacking into a computer system and pulling information from that or having that credit card copied whenever it's taken away from the customer. This system eliminates both of those risks," says Rogers.

One of the safest parts of the technology is the credit card never leaves the customer's hand."

Benton's Rib Crib is the first place in Arkansas to use the International Payments System. The machines will be installed in it's restaurant in Searcy next month.

The Rib Crib is just the beginning. International Payments plans to continue installing the equipment at any and all interested restaurants, hotels, and stores.

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