Deal or Dud: Air Swimmers

- The Inflatable Air Swimmers are hard to find on store shelves these days.

The product comes in two balloon shapes - a clown fish and a shark.

To help us test out with the clown fish air swimmer, we had twelve-year-old Allison and her mom stop by the fox 16 studio.

"I heard of it from my step brother,” Allison said. “He pointed it out in the mall and thought it was really cool."

Allison couldn't wait to dig in and fly the clown fish until she opened the box. The pair quickly discovered there is a lot of assembly required.

On top of that, there is no way to blow up the balloon unless you have a helium tank.

That's right, a helium tank.

Allison tried to blow it up without the tank, and well...

"'s not working? Alright"

Chad and Allison pumped helium into the balloon and ran into more issues.

One of which was the instructions. They were so broad we missed critical details and had to backtrack several times.

If you’re putting it together, use the box image for help.

A half hour passes and we finally put it all together. Is it worth the pay off? Allison’s smile said it all.

Even our newsroom was fascinated with it.

We couldn't get enough of this toy in the newsroom. If you want your hands on an air swimmer you can find them in limited supply at toys-r-us or you can order them online for $40. The helium tanks are sold separately for $20.

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