Deal or Dud: Batter Pro

- Forget Shake N' Bake – meet the Batter Pro, a red and white container that claims to perfectly batter up tasty fried foods in less than ten seconds.

Aside from the shaker, there is a mini recipe book and a versatile kitchen utensil.

Patrice knows her way around a kitchen, and paid Fox16 a visit to try out the Batter Pro.

Setting up Patrice's recipe is easy – all that's needed for a delicious dish of fried catfish is yellow cornmeal, salt, pepper and the most important ingredient: catfish.

But if it's that easy – why would anyone need the Batter Pro?

"It's easier to use, because normally, I just use a ziplock bag or just another bowl," Patrice said. "But with this, you can put all of your stuff in it and just shake it up."

Patrice prepared the cornmeal with a little salt and pepper, then placed the mix on one end of the Batter Pro container.

The next step is to place the catfish on the red holes and let the shaking begin.

After 10 seconds, the catfish is perfectly covered.

A successful test led to the attempt of a recipe from the book – beer battered onion rings.

But after following the directions carefully – the experiment was a disaster.

Would that be enough to sour Patrice on the Batter Pro?

"I would call it a deal," Patrice said. Apparently not.

If you think the Batter Pro is perfect for your frying needs, you can find it online for $20. Beware of the recipe book that comes with it, of course.

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