Deal or Dud: Belly Burner

- LITTLE ROCK, AR - One of the most common New Year resolutions involves weight loss. There is a new product that claims to help you loose pounds while you are on the go. It is called the Belly Burner. But is it a deal, or is it a dud.

The Belly Burner is a thick black belt that you put around your waist to help you shed those unwanted pounds. There are no cords, no batteries, you just strap it across your stomach and feel the burn.

Our tester, Holly, tried it out for one month. During the time she had it, Holly abides by the rules and keeps the Belly Burner on her while she did her normal exercise routine or any other ordinary work around the house.

Although her (and our) expectations were high, at the end of the month Holly did not notice any results.

"I wore it every day. I wore it to work and just general things in the house, cleaning, walking in the yard, doing whatever. It made me sweat a lot but I really can't tell any difference," says Holly.

Besides sweating a lot, there was also a small side effect that the box failed to mention: More trips to the restroom. Holly reported having to go to the bathroom "a little more than normal."

Holly did mention that the Belly Burner wasn't all bad. "It's very supportive, almost like a back brace. It was not uncomfortable to wear." As for its stated purpose, Holly grades it a Dud.

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