Deal or Dud: Bend-A-Hanger

Everybody wants an easy way to neaten their clothes closet.  The makers of the Bend-A-Hanger say their flexible hangers will hang wide necks and spaghetti straps, and prevent bumps in your clothing.  Is the Bend-A-Hanger a deal or a dud?

Dana helped us out with testing the Bend-A-Hanger.  She says regular hangers don't hold all of her clothes.

"They fall right off, especially those hoochie-mama tops that you wear out on the weekend.  They will not stay on these things," Dana said.

As expected there were no problems putting them together. In just seconds we had a Bend-A-Hanger.

We tried to hanging three different items. 

We started with the most simple, the jacket.  "It's not sliding, even not zipped it's in place, not going anywhere."

Then we moved onto a sweater vest with a wide neck.

"Make a little bit of a bend, voila! And no bumps in the clothing.  No hanger bumps, cool!"

Last but not least, it's a Halloween costume I happened to round up, a spaghetti strap dress. 

"And there you go!  I would say that's a success.  No more tops in the bottom of your closet."

Next we asked Dana if she thought the Bend-A-Hanger was a deal or a dud.  Dana said, "It did everything it said it was gonna do.  It held the clothes, no slipping, no falling off the hangers.  I'd say it's a deal!"

If you think the Bend-A-Hangers will be a deal for you, you can get a set of six of them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for just $7.99.

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