Deal or Dud: Bigtop Cupcake Bakeware

Want to have a little fun in the kitchen? Maybe even get your kids to help you, that is if you promise them a giant cupcake! The BigTop Cupcake bakeware will either help you create it, or could it just create a big mess? It's time to put this giant cupcake making tool to the deal or dud test.

This twenty dollar silicone bakeware set makes a cupcake 25 times larger than normal. But will it turn out to be a big mess?

Time to head into the kitchen with Chef Al Romano and some chefs in training who will tell us if it's a deal or a dud. So they whip up the batter, coat the bakeware with non-stick cooking spray, and pour the batter to the line found in the bottom pan. The rest goes into the top of the cupcake mold.

Then Chef Al pops on the insert. Once that is done, it goes in the oven. And now the wait to enjoy what all hope will be a beautiful, delicious, giant cupcake! The toothpick test says it was finished.

After cooling off, it was time to see the results. The cakes come out of the bakeware easily, no sticking at all. The instructions then say to slice off the tops for better stacking.

We added a little cool whip for the filling and Chef Al expertly applied buttercream icing to the top, and you can see, it's a giant cupcake!

Our finished product sliced well, it was not messy, and it was good! So is it a deal or a dud? "I think it's a deal! It's good to have fun with! deal!"

If you think the BigTop Cupcake will be a deal for you, you can get it at Walgreens for $19.99, or on the official BigTop Cupcake website for the same price plus shipping, and get 3-D animal cookie cutters and a cupcake idea book for free.

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