Deal or Dud: Black Fly-day app

Black Friday is coming to an end but there are still deals to be found this holiday season. To help sort through all the hottest stuff on the market is the Black FlyDay app. This special app for your smart phone is supposed to share real-time deals with you and your friends.

Is it a deal or a dud? Let's find out.

Hundreds line up every year at this time to nab those incredible deals on Black Friday.

The makers of the Black FlyDay app say their software can find you the best deals without going through the mayhem.

Before you download the application there a few things you need to know.

For starters the Black FlyDay application only works for Android tablets and phones, so for iPhone users...there isn’t an app for that.

In addition to being exclusive to the Android market, the app requires you to log into a Facebook account.

I went to the streets and asked a few dedicated Black Friday shoppers to try it out.

"When I got on it and looked at it, and it seems you have to do it through Facebook. (That's) a little too much information they want," said Valorie.

"There is a lot of other sites that you can get that kind of information."

I told Valorie you could post your own deals on the app, would that make a difference?

"That would be good if you had a bunch of people out and doing it but I still don't want people to have my information."

I think I know what she'll say, but I ask anyway -- is it a deal or a dud?

"I'd say a dud."

I went to another shopper for his input and he wasn't happy with it being with non-iPhone users.

Christopher said, "If they want the app to be successful, they would make it for all the rest of the phones."

When Christopher and I actually tried the app on our Android phone we couldn't find a single deal in the entire state.

The closest deal we could find was a gold chain selling for $500 in Nashville, Tennessee.

"It's not doing too well around the city so it's not too good for them. It's good, if you find, personally, find a deal and post it. That will help everyone else out."

So is it a deal or a dud?

"Probably a dud."

Despite the negative reviews, if you want to try out the Black FlyDay app on Android phones you can download the application free today but after Black Friday it costs $10.

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