Deal or Dud: Bottle Top

The makers of the Bottle Top say you can turn your favorite canned drink into your favorite bottled drink in a snap. And now you can travel with your canned drink without the fear of spilling. But is it a Deal or a Dud?

"Do you hate drinking out of cans? This As Seen on TV Product, the Bottle Top, promises to turn this ordinary boring can, into an exciting beverage container. Bottle top attaches to almost any can, soda, beer, iced tea, or energy drinkā€¦it snaps in place instantly to seal the top closed."

After opening the packaging, including 12 tops of many colors it was time for test number one. THe first can didn't work so well, so we went to can two. After using the table for some support, it was a little easier.

The Bottle Top also promises it won't spill if you hold it upside down. It spilled everywhere.

For the next test we took the Bottle Top for a car ride. The commercial claims it won't spill while driving. We had one can with the Bottle Top and one without. "Bottle top says it won't spill while driving so I'm gonna test it out, in my car. Well maybe not my car, but I know a car we can use. Beep beep!"

The parking lot proved to be too flat, but what if you had to come to a sudden stop? All was fine until we slammed on the brakes. The Bottle Top held it all in, but the can did spill a little bit.

"Bottle top turns that can into a screw top bottle and keeps its carbonation for days," the commercial says. We put a can with the Bottle Top in the fridge for five days to test this out. All the carbonation had gone flat.

The Bottle top failed the snap on test, it leaked, it did pass while driving, but failed the carbonation test, so in my opinion Bottle Top is a dud."

If you think the Bottle Top will be a deal for you, you can get it on their official website, and get twelve bottle tops for ten bucks plus the price of shipping, or get it at Walgreens for the same price.

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