Deal or Dud: Dream Look

- Baggy eyelids got you down? Well, the Dream Look could be what you need. The product claims to instantly lift your eyelids without any cosmetic surgery.

The product says it lifts, shapes and brightens your eyes instantly for a guaranteed younger look.

Laura is a cosmetic specialist and wanted to see for herself if this was the real deal so we let her stop by the FOX16 studio to give it a shot.

After we shake hands, Laura opens the box and glances over the instructions. That's when she gets a surprise!

The instructions say to "locate the end of one strip and press down along the cut line along the sheet."

"Whoa, woah, woah! It's a strip? Did you expect it was going to be strip? she asks. "I thought it was a cream."

On the box you see the words gel and instructions, so we thought it was going to be a cream but it turns out we were wrong. It was tiny strips that were suppose to hold your eyelids up.

After viewing the commercial and going over the instructions one more time, Laura places the strip onto her eyelids.

"It's weird because I can feel it, and it's like making a barrier between my eyelid and brow bone," she says.

Unlike what the product claims, the Dream Look does not feel comfortable and ladies, would you wear these without make-up? Probably not.

We put another strip on the other eye and run into another issue. When laura adds make-up to hide the strip, it doesn't work.

"It helps if you kind of spread it around and you push the edges down when your applying it, but still at that, once they stick you're still seeing it."

The Dream Look strips did lift Laura's eyelid and it held on for hours, but she told me it was like putting scotch tape over her eyes.

"It’s a dud," she says. "It even moves your wrinkles around."

If you think the Dream Look is something you would like to try out you can find them on the company's website for $20.

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