Deal or Dud: Eggies

- Don’t let the silly name deceive you – Eggies could be a time saver for making a nice batch of hard boiled eggs.

As the commercial says, you just crack the egg inside the container, boil the egg for several minutes and twist the top off to reveal your fresh egg.

Our 5pm news producer and food connoisseur Steve caught wind of what we were testing and wanted to see for himself if it was worth the price tag.

Immediately, Chad and Steve dive into the box – but find no instructions.

"I guess they want you to figure this one out by yourself," Steve says.

They follow the only instructions they had – the ones o the box – and attempt to crack an egg into the container…but it’s a little messy.

After the second egg slips into the eggie, they’re set. Chad gets the stove ready while Steve tightens the lid and fits the eggies in the pot.

They let the eggs boil for twelve minutes. Once they’re satisfied, they take the two eggs out and open the top – but the eggs don’t seem to be coming out easily at all.

They do manage to keep the eggs intact – but the smooth texture is gone.

Steve decides to put another batch of eggies into the pot to see if they get the same outcome – and yet again, they had to peel out the eggie with a utensil.

"With the eggies, you get this rough texture on the outside and it looks like you only made half when in fact we crack all the egg in there," Steve says.

"Yeah, you know how devil eggs tray are,” Chad agrees. “This isn’t going to fit in your devil egg tray."

The texture isn’t right and it won’t fit into your devil egg tray, but it sure tastes good.

So is it a deal…or a dud?

"$9.99 is a great price,” Steve says. “You're not going to beat that very often, but still the fact that you can't make devil eggs out of it makes it a dud."

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