Deal or Dud: Equmen Core Precision Undershirt

Women have been wearing them for years, but fellas, get ready now there's a girdle, for you.  It's called the Equmen Core Precision Undershirt and it promises to make guys look slimmer and stand up straighter. We put it to deal or dud test.  Kelly, Demm, and Dave will do anything for a laugh making them perfect testers for an interesting deal or dud product, Equmen's core precision undershirt. 

The product claims to improve posture, control body temperature and make you look thinner.  Some call it, the mirdle, a men's girdle
"It feels like some running shorts. It feels like an athletic shirt.  It really feels like an athletic shirt. I feel like I should be doing gymnastics in this little number here."
We've got the before shots, now time for the boys to change.  With the mirdles on, they hit the streets to see how comfortable the product is and whether it makes a difference in posture and body temp.  The guys can't help but check themselves out in store windows and mirrors.  "It's like I'm constantly holding my breath which is what I do when I'm taking a picture or something."
"I do feel the coolness I think that's what stands out most about this product. Every time you move there's this little breath of fresh air that goes across your body which is kind of cool. I kind of dig that."
"It sucks you in there's no doubt about it I feel tighter in places I haven't felt tight in quite a while."
But for Demm that's a bit too much.  He wouldn't wear the undershirt.  "I feel girdled but I also feel uncomfortable and that outweighs it to me."
For Kelly and Dave it's no pain, no gain.  "Looking in the mirror I feel like I look more uniform and more svelte."

"I think I look better. I think I look like I've lost 10 or 15 pounds I feel more attractive."
And back out on the street, heads turn as these three strut their stuff and deliver their verdict.  "Deal!" 

So it was two thumbs up and one thumb down. Now if you think the Equmen Core Precision Undershirt will be a deal for you, you can get it on their official website.  The price varies from $89 to $109, depending on the style you get.  And according to the washing instructions, they're easy to take care off, and are supposed to last a long time, hence the high price.

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