Deal or Dud: EZ Cracker

Published 04/01 2010 05:36PM

Updated 04/01 2010 09:44PM

If cooking eggs is slimier than super the makers of the EZ Cracker say they've got a one handed helper to produce perfect results.  But is it a deal or a dud?  If you are tired of cleaning counters and slimy stove tops, or if egg shells show up in all the wrong places the makers of this new product say listen up!

Commercial says: "Introducing EZ Cracker- the ingenious new product that lets you crack eggs, separate eggs even crack hard boiled eggs quickly and easily without the mess!"
Ryan Colarossi is with the "Egg and I" where a steady stream of customers, means they are constantly cracking eggs.

"I'm a corner of the bowl double whammy double fisting egg cracker myself," he said
But if your method has a few cracks in it the cracking contraption might be for you.
The device has two blades designed to crack the egg. All you have to do is insert and squeeze.

"That's a perfect crack!

The EZ Cracker has a special egg separator attachment too- just place the egg in the cradle and squeeze to divide the egg from the yolk instantly.

"It's gonna fall catching the yolk and then the whites should ooze out the sides and down the center here."
But what does Chef Ryan think?

"I'm going to have to surprisingly say the the EZ Cracker is a deal for at home use- not for commercial professional use."

If you think the EZ Cracker will be a deal for you, you can get it on their official website for just $19.99 plus shipping

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