Deal or Dud: Gadget Genie

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Everyone knows that electronics and water don't mix. When you drop any device into liquid, it becomes a major issue.

There is a new product called the ‘Gadget Genie' and it clams to rescue any electronic from impending water doom.

The Gadget Genie is a silver pouch filled with special material inside that is supposed to save any electronic device once it immediately falls into water.

To help us get our feet wet, we had Stephanie roll into our Fox 16 Deal or Dud test room and give it a shot. Stephanie admits to having problems with electronics and water in the past.

"Unfortunately, yes, actually I dropped one of my phones I used to have in a swimming pool, so I had to get a whole new phone."

The packaging says it will take up to 72 hours to dry the equipment. But the commercial on the website says only 24 hours. For the test, we decide to split the difference and give the product 48 hours to work.

Stephanie places a Blackberry Curve into a tray of water. Next, she takes it out and removes the battery, and dries off the phone. Then the device is placed into the Gadget Genie bag.

After two days pass, Stephanie is eager to see the results. She places the battery back in and the phone comes back to life. Having returned with a fully functioning phone, Stephanie grades the Gadget Genie a DEAL.

If you think the Gadget Genie can be your electronics lifeguard, you can purchase it for $19 on their website.

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