Deal or Dud: Jelly Belly Electric Ice Shaver

- Jelly Belly’s Electric Ice Shaver allows you to make your own tasty snow cone at home.

But wait a minute – ice shaver? Why not say snow cone maker?

Whatever you want to call it, the $30 product comes with a variety of syrups and plastic cones to try out.

Jacki and her three kids heard about the snow cone masterpiece and came to the station for a quick snack.

From the get go, putting the Ice Shaver together was a struggle.

And the instructions were no help. No diagrams – just wordy paragraphs. However, while Fox16’s Chad Garneau gets ice from the fridge, Jacki figures out the machine on her own.

The kids cram the ice cumbes into the tray. Now, it’s time to see if it it’s worth the cahs.

At first, the testers put too much ice cubes in the tray. But after taking some out…snow cone paradise.

All it took was a little cherry syrup to make the kids smile.

Jacki makes a few more to satisfy the crowd, then weighs in on the machine itself.

"You don't have to buy a lot of stuff for it. It comes with enough syrup to make a lot of different snow cones,” Jacki said.

"You use your own ice from the fridge which is it costing you anything. I don't see where it's gonna burn out."

Looks like this one is a deal.

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