Deal or Dud: Jupiter Jack

Depending on how old you are there are several restrictions on driving and using a cell phone but what if you could chat hands-free, without shouting though static? 

Jupiter Jack is advertised as a revolutionary hands-free device for your cell phone.  The makers say it works with any phone, any car.  All you do is plug Jupiter Jack into your cell phone, tune the radio to 99.3 and start talking!
Commercial says: "Jupiter Jack transmits quality sound through the speakers in your car."
Cheryl Soliday saw the ad and wondered, is this too good to be true?  Time for a road test, on the first try, "Oh look, its working!"  No static, no echo!  The phone call was a success. 
The holder came with the order as a free bonus but doesn't fit her phone well.  The holder came with the order as a free bonus. But even so, for Cheryl It was a big part of the product's appeal. 
Cheryl found, as long as 99.3 was preset on her dial, all she had to do was change the station, and accept the call.  In the end, the holder is Cheryl's biggest hang-up.  "The issues is with the small phone and the holder, I think that will be the problem," Cheryl said.  "Overall, I think its a deal, I think it's a deal."
If you think the "Jupiter Jack" will be a deal for you, you can get it at Wal-Mart for $9.99.  Or you can get it on their official website and get two for the same price plus shipping.

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