Deal or Dud: Light Keeper Pro

Christmas is only a couple weeks away and many of you have decorated your tree, but ask yourself this: what if your lights go out? What do you do? Buy a whole new set and re-decorate? You don't have to. The Light Keeper Pro is a small gadget that says it can fix your holiday lights fast and easy.

Everything from the box to the advertisements makes this product look so simple but I quickly learned there is more to this little gadget then you might think.

our own Gregg Curtis from Good Earth, Green House came to visit test them out and wanted to see if this could help him out with decorating the Clinton Library tree.

After reading several pages of instructions, Gregg gets to work on a broken set of lights.

The makers say the product can detect bad bulbs within your set. We test that first.

Gregg presses the top button and moves the product along the broken cord. The gadget is supposed to turn quiet once he finds the faulty light.

Gregg thinks he's got it and with a quick turn of the wrist, "Tada!"

"There you go."

The Light keeper also has the ability to be a socket connector like in the commercial. In other words, if you insert the gadget into a bulb socket and click it, you're supposed to fix a cord.

At first we did it the wrong way then but then we got it to work.

But the product isn't perfect. The package comes with its own set of light bulbs that aren't so bright.

Gregg doesn't care one bit.

"For that part alone, you're able to go down the line where there might be a broken circuit makes that a deal for me," he says.

If you want to fix your Christmas lights with the Light Keeper Pro you can find it at Target and Home Depot for $20.

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