Deal or Dud: Marshmallow Shooter

- When you're shopping this holiday season you'll probably stumble upon the Marshmallow Shooter. It's a Nurf-like toy that is supposed to shoot out small marshmallows at a rapid pace. Sounds fun right?

With the permission of his mom, Sam invited us over to test out the toy. From the looks of it Sam was eager to get his hands on it.

Before he can shoot his target we find out that it takes special marshmallows to use in the toy. What's key about this Marshmallow Shooter is that it takes small marshmallows, not the big kind you normally find in the market, so keep that in mind when getting this gift.

We hand Sam some ammo and away we go.

The first attempt didn't go as planned. The toy won't shoot the marshmallows.

"These marshmallows are moist and are sticking in the loader, so we can't fire it."

To solve this problem, we covered the marshmallows in flour so they wouldn't stick inside the plastic tube.

Apparently this did the trick. Sam was able to fire the marshmallows.

Even though the shooter worked it didn't fire close to 30 feet like the box advertised.

Plus, if you're not careful you can make a huge mess on the carpet.

Even with its flaws Sam and his brother did have some fun with the toy.

"After a lot of hassle we got the marshmallow shooter to work but Sam is it a deal or a dud?"
"It's definitely a dud."

If you don't mind the hassle and the mess, you can pick up any one of these Marshmallow Shooters for $14.99 over at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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