Deal or Dud: Mini Digital Luggage Scale

- Before you pack your bags and gear up for your holiday flight you might want to consider a new device on the market. It's called the Mini Digital Luggage Scale and it is supposed to save you money when you go up to luggage claim. But is this device a deal or a dud?

When you think of Thanksgiving, you think of carved turkeys and family get-togethers, but for some, it involves lots of air travel. With this in mind there is a new product on the market that you probably have not heard about, it's called the Mini Digital Luggage Scale. It claims to avoid those annoying overweight bag fees.

The makers say the Mini Digital Luggage Scale can handle up to 100 pounds and automatically shut off at a moment's notice. It conveniently buckles on any handle and is small enough to store in your bag.

Jacque and her cousin David help give the small device a test run. Jacque opens the package quickly and discovers that the batteries are difficult to put into the device.

Next, Jacque grabs her light suitcase and locks the mini gadget in place. With a quick lift and small beep, she receives the measurement. Multiple times we get 8.6 pounds.

After using a floor scale we confirm that the mini gadget is very accurate, but what about a large heavy suitcase?

David brings in his large green bag full of clothes and heavy objects. He tries desperately to hold the device level and lift up his travel bag.

"It's hard to keep it level," says David.

After a few runs and a sweaty forehead, we get the same reading showing 56 pounds. The floor scale says the same thing. So, it works but is it worth the $25 price tag?

So is the Mini Digital Luggage Scale a deal or a dud?

"Oh it's a deal," says Jacque and David.

If you think the Mini Digital Luggage Scale is perfect for your traveling needs, you can purchase it online at various internet sites such as for around $25. Or at Bed, Bath and Beyond for around $20 plus shipping and handling.

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