Deal or Dud: Moshi Handsfree Car Speakerphone

We all know that it isn't safe to take your eyes off the road to answer or make calls with your phone in car. The makers of the Moshi Handsfree Car Speakerphone say it'll make talking on the phone in the car safer, because you won't need to use your hands at all to use the phone.

Emily Santoy loves talking on the phone, but its not safe to answer that phone while driving. And the Moshi Handsfree Car Speakerphone plans to make it safer to talk on the phone and drive.

The first step is finding out how to use it. According to the directions we have to pair the device with the bluetooth phone. We activate the bluetooth to connect the devices and soon enough we are on our way.

Emily heads to the car where we run into a problem. "One of the problems and it was my fault, I left it on and the charge went down, so we're going have to leave it plugged in for the test."

Making a call, seemed fairly easy. "Hello? Hi! Hi! How do I sound? You sound really clear actually."

What about receiving calls? "You sound pretty clear."

Now the big question, is it a deal or a dud? "I think it'll get better once I get used to it. So for now I'll call it a deal. A deal," exclaims Santoy.

If you think the Moshi Handsfree Car Speakerphone will be a deal for you, it'll be available next month on the Moshi website for $79.99.

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