Deal or Dud: My Keepon

- A toy gaining popularity these days is the little yellow robot known as the My Keepon.

Originally designed for autistic children in Tokyo, the My Keepon is famous for its ability to dance to music, and claims to feature a bubbly personality when you touch it.

Eight-year-old Annalyn and her mother stopped by the FOX16 studio to give it a try.

Before this odd toy could giggle, Annalyn and Chad needed to stock up on batteries - a full pack of AAs.

Once they loaded up the toy, Chad turned it on, pressed the music button and added the jams. Annalyn just loved it.

"It moves around and you kind of laugh at it," Annalyn said.

There are moments when the My Keepon stops moving.

According to the makers, this is a normal occurrence and the toy is just trying to find a beat.

The pair took away the music for a little bit and tried out the touch mode.

Every time Annalyn poked or squeezed it - the toy made a noise.

We know Annalyn likes to play with it, but how about mom? Won't the sound effects get annoying?

"Probably..yes,” Mom said. “That's why it's going to be in her room. Not anywhere near me."

The My Keepon was dubbed a Deal.

If you want a My Keepon of your very own, you can find them at Toys-R-Us for $20.

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