Deal or Dud: O2 Cool Mist Fan

- The O2 Cool Mist Fan is not your run of the mill portable fan. The dark blue bottle holds ice cold water you put in it and sprays water while the fan spins.

It sounds like a cure for the summer heat but how effective is the device?

We caught up with a few band members from the Bryant Hornets and they couldn't wait to test it.

Matt presses the button on the back and there you go..

"It worked very nicely," Matt said. For 10 bucks, "I'd say it's a deal."

He also liked the spray saying "it gets good distance."

So the spray can go the distance to cool you off. Although, after two hours of sitting in the heat we noticed the water became lukewarm. Did that bother Austin?

"That's actually not bad," he said. “It's a definitely a deal."

"It's going's amazing," Michael said. "If I had ten dollars I would buy it now."

"Oh yeah, works great," said Ryan. "Oh yeah, it's a deal."

Every single person we asked said it was deal, but there some minor issues. It requires two AA batteries and some venues won't allow them inside the stadium. If you can ignore that it could be a deal for you.

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