Deal or Dud: Passback Football

- Normally, kids are throwing baseballs in the spring season, but it's never too early to practice with a football – especially with the Passback Football.

The Passback Football is an odd-shaped ball, designed for the quarterbacks of tomorrow.

To the naked eye, it looks like a football cut in half, with one end pointed while the other end is flat.

The makers claim you can throw it against a flat surface, and it will come right back to you – no strings attached. Perfect for those moments when you don't have a throwing buddy.

Ethan loves tossing the pigskin around. He joined Fox16's Chad Garneau in the parking lot for a little pitch and catch.

At first, he struggles to get the hang of it.

Ethan has been throwing the Passback Football around for a couple times, but he's struggling with getting the right angle to through the football. As you can see here, he has to throw it with a lot of velocity in order for it to come back to him – which is something to keep in mind.

After a couple mintutes, he looks like one of the kids from the infomercial.

We tried using a regular football to see the difference and the video speaks for itself.

The only problem found with the Passback Football is that it emits noise. Think about it – tossing this ball on a thin wall will annoy any parent out there.

But it doesn't annoy Ethan, who considered the Passback Football a deal.

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