Deal or Dud: Perfect Fit Button

- Most of us have a closet full of old tight jeans and slacks but we never wear them because they don't fit anymore. But the makers of the Perfect Fit Button say they can fix that problem in a snap.

The Perfect Fit Button sells itself as the best way to adjust your waistband while saving a fortune on alterations. All you have to do is poke a hole where the button is supposed to go and clip the button on the pants.

To help us test out the perfect fit buttons we had Fuzio, a professional tailor, give it a try.

Fauzio poked a small hole in my old pair jeans, insetting the button to subtract an inch around the waist. It looks simple enough but Fauzio thought it would make the jeans hang crooked.

Fauzio also points out that the knob on the back of the button sticks out, leaving the impression that it will be uncomfortable to wear.

To make matters worst, the other perfect fit buttons have a color coating that easily comes off.

Despite the flaws, I head to the dressing room to change into the altered jeans.

Afterwards, it doesn't look crooked to the naked eye but the knob behind the button feels awkward.

"Yeah, it's for an emergency, but not for a permanent job," says Fauzio.

So how much would it be just to do this job permanently without the buttons?

"To let out the waist on regular pants, I would charge twelve or fourteen dollars," says Fauzio.

That's almost the same price as the perfect fit buttons.

In Fauzio's opinion, the Perfect Fit Button is a dud.

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