Deal or Dud: Quick Shade

We've tried out several tailgating products - a cooling fan, binoculars also some nifty hand gloves. For the last deal or dud for tailgating we're going to try out the Quick Shade.

The Quick Shade is your normal portable armchair with one glaring feature you don't see in a lot parking lots an adjustable roof.
The roof is supposed to keep the sun out of your eyes and prevent rain from getting in the way of tailgating.

Our very own Tim Kelchner saw the chair and was curious to see if it would work.

"You know the shade is nice,” Tim says. “Obviously the sun is very bright right now but you can adjust it a little bit, it's not set. The thing I like the most about the chair is it the shade, you have not one but two cup holders in this thing. It's takes it from camping chair to super camping chair."

Whether you want to call it a super camping chair or tailgating chair, the quick shade does have its flaw.

The Quick Shade may provide its own shade but it's not exactly portable. I mean it's pretty heavy. It only has one strip for you to carry around your shoulder and it tends to look bigger than most tents you would bring to a tailgating party.

Tim doesn't seem to mind too much, but could it hold back water?

To simulate rain falling on top of the roof, to see if it can handle it, we pour a little water. The water just spreads out. It doesn't fall through the chair, so that's good in case showers fall at your tailgating party.

Add that to an impressive list of features and Tim is hooked.

"It's primarily for shade, but the fact that it also keeps the water away...(smile.)"

"Do you consider it a Deal or Dud even though it's ten bucks more than most of the portable arm chairs?"
"You know for the extra cup holder. I would pay that extra ten dollars."

I think Tim means to say it's a deal.

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