Deal or Dud: Ravi Instant Wine Chiller

It's happened to many of us, you're having a dinner party, or you're opening a bottle of chardonnay for your sweetheart, and realize you forgot to chill it! You panic, what to do? Our next deal or dud could either ruin your wine, or save your romantic dinner.

The makers of the Ravi Instant Wine Chiller say their product can take wine to the right temperature in just seconds. Wine maker Steve Shepard will put it to the test.

The product comes in three parts including a cartridge through which you pour the wine. The pieces easily pop together, but does Steve think it will really work?

"It might do something but whether it's adequate enough that's the high tech question," says Steve.

A bottle of Raylen Chardonnay was used for our deal or dud test. It should be between 40 and 50 degrees, but instead, it's a warm 75 degrees. Can the Ravi make a difference? The product slides on top of the bottle and the wine poured at a 45 degree angle travelling through the cold cartridge supposedly chilling as it goes. And the thermometer doesn't lie. It read 60 degrees.

It brought it down 15 degrees, but could a slower pour make the wine cooler? The flow of wine can be slowed by putting your thumb over a valve, allowing the wine to spend more time in the cartridge.

"Fifty-six! So yes it does work. It does do what they say," says Steve.

To see how long the Ravi would keep chilling the pouring continued. It started to lose its gusto after a bottle or so.

"So you just have to put back in the fridge or freezer again and regenerate it."

Typically chardonnay should be a few degrees cooler, but in a pinch, Steve says this product could save your evening.

"Twenty degrees is pretty decent! I think it's a deal all in all."

If you think the Ravi Instant Wine Chiller will be a deal for you, you can only get it online on Amazon for just $29.99 plus shipping.

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