Deal or Dud: Rotoshave

- Lets face it, shaving is a tedious task. For many there is only a choice between a razor or an electric shaver. We all know that using a razor takes time while an electric shaver is faster but doesn't cut close. Wouldn't it be nice if you could get the best of both worlds? Well, there is the new Rotoshave that claims to be the ultimate shaver. Is it a deal or a dud?

The Rotoshave claims to be a ground breaking rechargeable razor combining the ease of an electric shaver with the closeness of a razor blade. The makers of the product say there are nine blades rotating 270 times a second, sounds a bit scary.

Michael has seen his fair share of electric shavers in his day and is willing to give the Rotoshave a shot.

He reviews the instructions thoroughly and finds out that this is not your typical shaver. Besides the fast-acting nine blades, you have to use shaving cream and add water periodically. It seems more like a razor then an electric shaver.

We charged the Rotoshave for an hour. Then, Michael heads for the nearest bathroom and lathers up. Now it's time for the big test.

"Oh, wow. It certainly feels weird," says Michael.

Is this a bad sign? After a couple more strokes, Michael has a different impression.

"Actually, it feels nice. I've used electric shavers before where it kind of feels like it's tugging at you. This does not feel like that at all," explains Michael.

Michael also likes the close cut.

"It feels smoother than when I use a regular blade."

Michael uses a conventional razor blade on the other side of his face so he can compare it to the Rotoshave. After he finishes his shave, we ask him what he thinks about the nine blade Rotoshave.

"It took about half the time of the conventional razor and I don't feel any soreness," says Michael.

So is the Rotoshave a deal or a dud?

"This is definitely a deal," says Michael.

Sounds like a perfect gift for men. If you think the Rotoshave is right for your bathroom you can pick it up online at for fifty dollars. On the other hand if you have some extra cash and need it now, you can find it at selected Wal-mart stores for $100.  You can also order it on the official Rotoshave site for a 30 day trial for $14.95.

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