Deal or Dud: Seirus Touchscreeen Control Gloves

- Most tailgaters have a touchscreen phone with them to keep in touch with their friends and check out the latest scores. As the weather turns cooler, many fans have to go through the process of taking off their gloves to operate their phones - but not this one. The Touchscreen Control Gloves are supposed to keep your hands toasty while using your phone.

It's simple and bold - the Seirus Touchscreeen Control Gloves claim to keep your hands warm while using a touchscreen phone thanks to "sound-touch" technology allowing any user to operate a touchscreen device.

There are different textures on the thumb and index finger which make the gloves unique.

But will these $30 gloves appeal to fans?

Alicia knows her way around a touchscreen phone and was dying to give it a try.

"I think they're warm and nice,” Alicia said. “They actually fit very well."

But do they work? Alicia tried to use the special gloves with an iPhone.

"Let's see...yup, it's working...I'm clicking on the apps."

"Texting feels good, and you can click on applications. It can do everything you can do without gloves."

These were all good signs. Can it hold up like other winter gloves?

The gloves are water proof – a major plus.

Alicia thought the gloves were a deal, so Chad turned to another fan for her input.

"Yeah, I have no problems using the phone with these gloves"

Despite all the pros, there was one drawback with the touchscreen gloves.

Altogether though – the gloves were considered a deal.

If you want to keep your hands warm with the touchscreen control gloves you can find them at most sporting good stores for $30.

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