Deal or Dud: Slim-N-Lift

The makers of the Slim-n-Lift say the girdle-like product will make it look like you've lost up to three dress sizes in an instant. But is it a deal or a dud?

With warmer weather approaching, we know that many of you will be wearing tighter, or even less clothing. But what if you're concerned about that figure of yours? Light fat free yogurt, diet soda, many people want to be thin but for some its just not easy, but this product, the Slim-N-Lift, promises to make you drop up to three dress sizes instantly.

Pam Cleveland and diets do not go together. "I've been on probably every diet there is in the book, and off the book, and I always gain it right back," says Pam.

But maybe Pam and this body shaping undergarment called the Slim-N-Lift will get along. So we are going to help her out!

Could this product really flatten the tummy and slim thighs and hips just like it says? The close ups reveal a bit of slimming, but, "There are not three sizes lost. Maybe half a size at the most."

Is it absolutely comfortable? "Its not too bad, but it says it stays up when you roll it up, but it does not, it rolls down. When you move it rolls, so you have to keep pushing it back up, rolling it up which looks kinda funny, if you want to do the chicken dance its okay," says Pam

Now for the cost of girdle. "Well if you bought a really good one, from a big department store, probably 40 or 50 bucks for a really good one that holds everything you want it to hold." But the Slim-N-Lift is just $20.

So, is it a deal or a dud? "Well for 20 bucks, I'd say it's a deal."

If you think the Slim-N-Lift will be a deal for you, you can get it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for just $19.99, and it comes in sizes to fit virtually every figure.

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