Deal or Dud: Smart Mop

The makers of the Smart Mop say it'll make cleaning easier because this magical mop with a twist will hold up to 10 times its weight in water, and work on any surface, with any spill! But is it a deal or dud?

We're are going to see if the Smart Mop can clean up peanut butter, jelly, ketchup, and mustard. Todd, the owner of Little Rock flooring was the product tester. While Todd looked at the Smart Mop, it was time to make a mess.

With the food on the floor, and the mop assembled it was time to start testing. First up was the donuts. At first there was a little problem with the large chunks, but, "Once you get the big pieces up, it does what it said it would."

The ketchup and mustard were next. "It works real nicely as much as we had down there."

And that was without soap! And finally, we added sticky jelly to the cleanup process. "It doesn't do well on the big chunks, but the small pieces its picking it right up and as you can see we haven't cleaned the mop out but once on this go around."

So how smart, does todd think the Smart Mop really is? "After cleaning up all that mess this mop smells really funky. Well I think for the price and the good job that it did, I'd have to call it a deal."

If they had used soap, I'm sure the smell wouldn't have been nearly as bad. If you think the Smart Mop will be a deal for you, you can get it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for just $14.99, or go to the official Smart Mop website and get two for $19.99, plus shipping for both of them.

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