Deal or Dud: Spynet Laser Strike

- LITTLE ROCK, AR - The Spynet Laser Strike is a new laser tag toy that claims to shoot long distance and turn your young kid into the next sharpshooting spy. But is it a Deal, or a Dud?

A hot toy this Christmas season is the Spynet Laser Strike, a laser tag toy that says it can shoot up to 250ft. The box looks appealing with two laser guns and sensors. Also included is a "3D Spy Card" that allows you to download mission videos and training games online.

We recruited Sierra, Lance, Zack, and Matthew to give the laser guns a shot. They opened the package with delight, unable to keep their hands off the toys. After cutting some plastic ties and inserting several AAA batteries, the kids geared up for battle.

Matthew and Sierra tired out the toy lasers first. From the get go there are smiles and giggles. Next Zack and Lance squared off in the Fox 16 studio. With Lance's quick draw, Zack was done before he knew it, but he did have fun.

Before their bed time we tried out the distance on the lasers. To our amazement, they did shoot 250 ft.

Afterward, all four of our testers rated the Sypnet Laser Strike as a Christmas deal. If you think it is right for your kids, you can pick it up at any target store for $20.

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