Deal or Dud: Storm Duds Poncho

- Rainy weather never leaves a good impression on a fellow tailgater. For many hardcore fans, the modern day poncho is the way to go in these wet situations.

The one size fits all Storm Duds Poncho is your typical poncho designed to keep you dry during your tailgating events.

The poncho is known for the cheap price tag and its Arkansas logo print.

Is that enough to persuade fans from buying more expensive ponchos?

For some, maybe.

"Well, I'm going to tell ya, it's all about comfort and warmth and keeping I would go with this."

For others?

"This one looks like a trash bag."

"Definitely a trash bag. I'm sorry, even though it has the Razorbacks on it."

"I'd put my own razorback on it. Maybe if they had a red one."

So is it a deal or dud?

"I'm still saying it’s a dud."

"I'd say a deal ‘cause it's still a trash bag."

Chad searched for other fans to get their opinions.

"It's slick, it's light."

"What does it remind you of?" Chad asked.

"A raincoat"

"Really, that's a thin raincoat."

"It kind of reminds me of a trash bag." Again with the trash bag.

"It's got the Razorback logo on it, right?"

"I mean that makes it a lot cooler, so it's like a Razorback trash bag."

What about the more expensive vinyl poncho?

"It's heavier and it's not going to tear."

"So obviously the other one was going to tear."


"That's not a good quality, is it?"

"No, not when you want to be dry."

"It's a deal cause I can take eight kids with me and get them all these."

Later that evening the rain falls and every fan brings out their favorite rain gear.

Well, not every fan. Chad caught up with a peppy cheerleader who wanted to try on the ponchos.

She tried on the Storm Duds Poncho first.

"What don't you like about this?"

"I’m getting a lot wetter than I was before."

"I notice it doesn't cover much of your neck either."

The testers does a quick swap of ponchos – and both consider the Storm Duds Poncho a dud.

If you want to try to stay dry, you can find the storm duds poncho at most sporting good stores for only $1.

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