Deal or Dud: Surge Solar Charger

- All day long we carry our cell phones with us to text and chat but we hardly ever carry our chargers with us. Wouldn't it be nice to have our phone charge by themselves? The makers of the Surge Solar Charger claim to take the power of the sun and uses it to keep your iPhone functioning. But is it a deal or a dud?

For all you iPhone users, there's a new charger in town and it could put all your old ones to shame. It's the Novothink's Surge Solar Charger. This green gadget claims you can take it anywhere with you, walking, running, hiking and it will not stop charging. Even when you step indoors, this charger keeps cranking out energy.

To test this product, FOX16 fan Halley helps us out.

After a quick scan of the instructions, Halley discovered we have to charge the solar panel for three hours before we test it out. It's not exactly convenient. Three hours passed and we set out for the outdoors to test out the gadget.

Halley flipped the charger around and connected it to her iPhone.

"It's working," says Halley.

The display shows the phone charging. Halley is definitely impressed.

Later we found out it only takes two hours of sunlight to power 30 minutes of talking on the phone.

We take the show inside and tested it under Halley's work lamp. The sleek black charger is still working, but not as efficient.

The charger passed both tests with flying colors so is it enough to win over Halley?

"I consider it a deal," says Halley.

If you think the Surge Solar Charger is worth every penny you can get it used on for $49.99 or order it from the product's website for $70. But be careful, this solar charger only applies to certain versions of the iPhone.

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