Deal or Dud: The 3M Restoration Kit

- "Do your headlights look like this -- all foggy and hazy? Then you'll probably need the 3M headlight restoration."

It promises to clean them up in less than an hour. Just sand, refine and polish.

Fox16’s Chad Garneau took the kit to Jim, an automotive instructor at a community college.

First, Jim measured the current visibility of the headlights using a simple light meter.

The scale runs from one to ten. Obviously, these headlights need some work.

The right measures at two, and the left comes in at a whopping one.

Jim starts with the grit sandpaper attached to an electric drill.

Everything comes in the kit – all you need is a household drill.

The instructions tell us to make a few passes over the headlight to get any scratches out, then change the pad to the finer grit paper and get back to work.

Within minutes there is a noticeable difference.

The final sanding is done with a three thousand grit paper and in the process, they use some water.

"You spray a little bit...on your pad," Jim says.

Once Jim is done sanding the headlight, it’s time to buff with some compound cream. Ten minutes pass, and the before-and-after shots speak for themselves. The headlight looks brand spanking new.

The pair applies the same treatment to the other side and gets almost the same result.

Looks re one thing – but did the 3M kit really restore the lights?

There’s only one way to find out – bring back that light meter.

Results: the right headlight went from a two reading all the way up to a seven. The left one went from a disappointing one, all the way to a four.

The instructions say if the headlights are in really bad shape, you may need two kits, but the difference is impressive to say the least.

"We increased the visibility over three hundred percent or so,” Jim said. “So yeah, that would be pretty good results from a twenty-dollar kit I would say."

According to Jim, there Is only one down side – you have to provide your own drill. But other than that?

"It would be a deal," Jim said.

If you think your headlights need to be revamped, you can purchase the 3M restoration kit online for $20.

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