Deal or Dud: The Amazing Pocket Chair

The Amazing Pocket Chair advertises itself as the chair you can take anywhere.

The park, the garden, the beach – you get the idea.

Unlike your conventional chair on the go, this tiny seat claims to fold up easy and hold up to 250 pounds.

Brenda is your typical Mother-on-the-go, and was ready to sit down on this “amazing” chair.

But before she could sit on it, she had to put it together.

After two minutes of fumbling with the chair, Brenda rewards herself by sitting down – but didn’t find it to be very sturdy. Chad gave it a try next.

The interesting part about the Amazing Pocket Chair is that you can't really sit back. You’ve got to have great posture and you can't get up and down real quickly without having to be careful.

It's not very sturdy but in a pinch it may work out.

So the Pocket Chair doesn’t get an “A” for comfort – but can it hold up to 250 pounds like the box said?

We added 30 pounds to our sitting test and found that it was able to handle the extra load with ease – and yes, it can fit into your pocket with style.

But what does Brenda think?

"It's a dud,” she said. “A big, big dud."

If you think the Amazing Pocket Chair is a deal for you, you can swing by Wal-Greens and pick it up for $10.

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