Deal or Dud: The Bleacher Blanket

One look at the Bleacher Blanket and the first word that comes to everybody’s mind is “snuggie.”

If you can ignore the similarities, the Bleacher Blanket has other features that separate it from the pack.

Made out of 100% polyester, the Bleacher Blanket has a hood and an internal pocket.

"I probably wouldn't wear it, but I can see how somebody might like it," Deal or Dud tester Brandon said.

"What if I told you it's one size fit all?" FOX16’s Chad Garneau asked.

"I'd say that's good for a lot of people,’ Brandon said. “I guess it would be comfortable."

Chad tried the Bleacher Blanket and found it comfortable – but Brandon didn’t like the fashion. He considered it a dud.

A mother didn’t like the look of the blanket either.

"It wouldn't go well with my shoes," Cindy said.

"That's not a good thing,” Chad said. “It comes in different colors, does that help?"

"Maybe on a couch."

"Not in a football game?"

"Not in public.

"It's probably warm but I'm getting too old to be that ugly," Cindy said.

Looks like the Bleacher Blanket was a dud for her, too.

There had to be somebody who didn’t mind the blanket’s look.

"I think it looks warm and cozy. I think you would sell a whole lot of them at football games,” Lisa said. “Everybody's always bringing blankets. I think it would work out great."

Lisa loved everything about the Bleacher Blanket – except the price.

"...$45 is kind of high...really,” Lisa said. “I mean, I know parents want to be dry and warm…"

Another dud.

For the record – none of the testers wanted to be seen in public with the Bleacher Blanket, but if you want to give the Bleacher Blanket a try, you can find it at sporting stores online for $45.

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