Deal or Dud: The Coby Pocket Radio

- Football games can get rowdy in stadiums even during high school matchups.

For fans, this is the expected scene – but for those who want to enhance their experience, they turn to portable radios.

These devices allow you to listen in on the game like you would at home with an announcer giving you the play-by-play.

One of the portable that stands out from the rest is the Coby Pocket Radio.

The small AM/FM radio extremely cheap. It features an interesting belt clip. Not to mention, as the name implies – it fits nicely in your pocket.

FOX16’s Chad Garneau asked fans and cheerleaders to weigh in on the small gadget.

"I can hear it pretty's good, detailed,” Jace said. “I can hear it."

As it turns out, the cord was torn.

Jace wasn’t happy. After moving the dials around, he wasn’t sure what to think about the radio.

"You think it's a deal or it's a dud?"

"Um...I don't know. I think you can find something better. I don't know."

"So you're going to go with a dud then?"

"I guess?"

That one’s going to be a dud. Would the next tester feel the same way?

"Can you make out any of the FM stations?” Chad asked. “Are they coming in crystal clear or a little fuzzy?"

"Whatever one it's on, it's coming in clear,” Kim said. “It's playing a song but I don't know what station it is."

There lies the main problem with the radio – it doesn’t have a digital tuner so you don’t know what station you’re on. You can only guess by the small numbers around the Coby logo.

That didn’t phase Kim, however. She seemed more impressed with the stations coming in clear as a bell.
One deal and one dud – time for the tie breaker!

"Can you pick up on any of the stations?" Chad asked Breaunna.

"Yeah, I can pick up on more than one station," Breaunna said.

"I noticed you're having trouble with those ear buds. Is that a problem?"

"It's a big won't stay in my ear."

Even though she struggles with the ear buds, Breaunna knows she can replace them. Plus – she really likes the price and the belt clip.

Two deals and one dud – looks like the Coby Pocket Radio is a deal.

If you’re looking to purchase it for yourself, you can find it at Academy Sports or online for $9.

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