Deal or Dud: The EZ Move

- The E-Z Moves comes with eight blue pads and this “L” shaped furniture lifter, which is supposed to lift ten times your natural strength.

The product looks simple enough, just lift the furniture and slide the pads underneath.

Lynn is your typical mother on the go and wanted to see if the EZ Move could help rearrange the furniture.

She assembled the lifter quickly, then proceeded to put four pads under her couch.

"It was easier,” Lynn said. “Not dramatically but easier."

Chad is sure Lynn’s wooden floor had something to do with it. Next, the pair turns to her heavy table. They placed the pads underneath it and Lynn gave the table a nice shove.

"It makes a huge difference on this table," she said.

"Now do you think it will work on a huge broad object like a fridge?" Chad asked.

"We'll see."

They walked over to the massive fridge and Lynn tried to use the lifter.

"I was able to get it in there,” she said. “I'm not so sure if it is secure but it's in there."

Without breaking a sweat, Lynn was able to fit pads and move the fridge around to her liking.

All the heavy lifting got Chad thinking – maybe they could pull off the car trick seen in the commercial.

…or maybe not. Let’s just say it wasn’t such an E-Z Move.

"So what do you think of the car experiment?" Chad asked.

"Regardless of that I think the product works very well on the heavy furniture especially if you're moving heavy furniture or hutches," Lynn said.

"Would you consider it a deal or a dud?"

"A deal."

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