Deal or Dud: The Flame Disk

Published 10/14 2011 03:43PM

Updated 10/20 2011 09:48AM

Without a doubt, grilling is the heart and soul of tailgating, but with every great grilling event comes the hassle with dealing with charcoal. The stuff is messy and not exactly environmentally friendly. So what you're left with is using the flame disk, an alternative to charcoal, and it claims to help you out.

The aluminum tray of recycled ethanol comes in a thin box and burns for more than 30 minutes.

The Flame Disk’s makers say it doesn’t leave ash or soot behind, unlike charcoal.

FOX16’s Chad Garneau met up with Grill Master Lee Tuxhorn, who never heard of this so called charcoal alternative – but couldn’t wait to try it.

A 1uick press on the lighter and the two were in business. As the disk heated up, Lee spread out some of his hot dogs on the grill.

For comparison, he lights up the other half of the grill and adds more meat to his liking.

Lee and Chad waited over 10 minutes for the food to cook – then ran into a slight hiccup. The hot dog was not cooked.

Glancing at the dial, they realized that the Flame Disk side only heated up to 175 degrees, while the other half hit 240 degrees.

Lee refused to ever use the Flame Disk again – looks like this one’s a dud.

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